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Day 4 Thursday 3 May 2018

What a lovely day!  It is certainly T-shirt weather!

Herewith some more photos relating to events earlier in the week.

Joan and Brendon Smith at AGM  – Photo by Cliff Hicks

A’van Markets

Coffee at the Park’s Cafe

A’van Bowls. Photos – Ross Wylde-Browne


A’van Walk with Rick Houghton

There were a few limbering up exercises before Rick Houghton set off with his entourage. I’m not exactly sure of the details but I have been told that there was a slight mishap when somebody slipped into a creek.  I’m sure that the coffee shops in town were very well patronised. 

A’van Walk


A Bit Early For Christmas Carols

A group of ladies all sharing the same first name Carol(e) met for coffee this morning.  They are going to make it an annual event and they are looking for a collective name.  Perhaps a Cackle of Carols might be appropriate?   

Not Carols by Candlelight but???


Craft Sharing

Again I was astounded by the skills displayed by the various people and this year the men had an opportunity to visit the local Men’s Shed.



Men’s Shed Visit

Men’s Shed


AGM Dinner 2

There seems to be a mixed reception to the evening but in my opinion this year’s dinner was amongst the best we have experienced in the 16 years we have been attending annual gatherings. The black and white decor of the room with silver and glass centrepieces was very elegant.  In fact, one person said it just looked like a wedding function.  The company was great, the food was superb (although there were a few hiccoughs) and the entertainment (Amber Sounds – 60s Revolution) was excellent.  In other words, basically a repeat of what people said about Dinner 1.

Doorpersons (Ros Bolton and Neil James) at Dinner 2

Dinner 2

Lamb Shank

Alternative Fish Meal

Dinner 2




Country Western Singer– Gateway Resident David Saunders

Once again this event was extremely well attended and from all reports most enjoyable.


Update on Mickey’s Nameless Agent

Just a brief update.  It would seem that he or she has taken up permanent residence with the Easts.  Perhaps he or she enjoys the A’van gatherings so much that he or she doesn’t want to miss out on Yarrawonga.  


First Mayor of Casino

As with so many of Australia’s early politicians, Casino’s first Mayor, Frederick Burgess Gulley was born overseas.  And as with many of our early European settlers, Casino was not his first home.  Prior to his marriage to Anne Tebbut in Mudgee F.B. Gulley worked in Tasmania.  In Mudgee he and his wife suffered the loss of their first child,.  After relocating to West Maitland the family took another blow when flood deprived Frederick of his livelihood.  He then spent a number of years on the road as a salesman before ultimately settling in Casino where he purchased the general store in 1876.

A general store was an integral part of the community and like many of our early store owners, Frederick Burgess Gulley became Casino’s first Mayor.  Gulley’s store occupied the site of the current two-storey building of Casino’s Public School which is opposite the Court House.  It fronted both Richmond and Walker Streets.  The store became one of the largest in Casino and although he faced bankruptcy at one stage he recovered from the set back and the store flourished.

F.B. Gulley was Mayor on 8 different occasions and his career as an alderman spanned 17 years.   He was described as being “scrupulously honest and outspoken”, an attribute which attracted opposition.  He was actively involved in every institution and public movement in the town and a strong advocate of the Agricultural society, the Methodist church, the School of Arts, the Hospital Committee, the Richmond River Benevolent Society as well as charitable work with the Aborigines. 

He eventually became disillusioned by the petty bickering of his fellow Aldermen and in 1898 he refused to stand for Council.       



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