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Day 6 Saturday 5 May 2018

It was a very mild night and we awoke to an overcast but reasonably fine day.  It really didn’t improve but it didn’t worsen.

As I walked to the amenities it was the first time that I’ve heard the sound of the birds as they flew overhead.   An enormous flock was heading in a northerly direction.  One assumes that it is the same flock of birds that we see of an evening heading to their night time abode.  They are followed shortly after by the bats (not crickets). I’m told that the walkers saw the bats hanging from the trees on the banks of the river as they headed into town.

Herewith a few more photos from previous events.

A’van Walk (Thanks to Cliff Hicks)

Bat Home (Thanks to Cliff Hicks)

Ukes (Thanks to Cliff Hicks and Ron Dean)


Disc Bowls  and Klops – Rick Houghton, Carole Brun, Martin Hodgson

Once again these activities were very well patronised.  David Knepp won the Klops and Linda Jobson the Disc Bowls. 



Disc Bowls


Chef’s Challenge – Bruce Gibbs

As per usual the Chef’s Challenge proved to be popular, each section attracting a number of entries. 

Chef’s Challenge Organiser – Bruce Gibbs


Entree – First prize – Barbara Prascevic – Quinoa

                Runner Up – Bett Moller

Quinoa - 1st Prize Entree – Photo Ron Dean

Cheese Platter - 2nd Prize Entree- Photo Ron Dean


Main Course – First Prize – Marika McKenzie – Buttered Chicken

                Runner Up – Jenny Bradford – Savoury Mince

Marika McKenzie with her Buttered Chicken Photo – Ron Dean

Judges of the Main Course – June Hicks and John Bromley Photo – Ron Dean


Dessert – First prize – Carol Hansen – Chocolate Mousse Cake

                 Runner Up – Barbara Prascevic – Passionfruit and Pineapple Cheesecake

Chocolate Mousse Cake – 1st Prize Dessert Photo Ron Dean

Presentation to Carol Hansen

At the Chef’s Challenge

Thank you to all the entrants for their participation, to the judges and especially Bruce Gibbs for his organisation.


Andy and Barb’s Camp Oven Casseroles

Would you believe that 264 people queued and received their very hot meals in less than 45 minutes?  We had a choice of 5 different yummy casseroles:- Lemon myrtle beef, beef, lamb, chicken and gluten free. Even after everyone was fed and some had seconds there was still enough left to feed another 40 people. Therefore some took the opportunity to take back to their caravan a meal for another day.  Andy and Barb were extremely well organised and it is very easy to understand that they could cope with up to 500 people.  Many thanks to Ron Dean for some of the photographs  

Preparing the Casseroles

At the casserole evening


Future of the Caravan Park

There have been a number of rumours circulating amongst the A’vanners regarding the future development of this park. I decided to check up so that we had accurate information.  The regional manager (Karen) of Gateway Lifestyle said that despite the expansion of the existing lifestyle village there will always be caravan facilities here because it is a condition of their license agreement.


For A’vanners who intend to extend their stay in Casino, “Beef Week” starts on Saturday 20th May. 

The festival which focuses on the Australian Beef Industry provides entertainment, education and an authentic country experience.  There will be over 100 vibrant events celebrating the Australian beef industry, community and the local farmers and musicians.  Among these events will be a live auction, a rodeo, innumerable rides and a free breakfast.   

More information on https://casinobeefweek.com.au

21st May Monday – Northern Rivers Drag Racing

More information on:-

0414 461 950



 23rd May - 26th May (Wednesday – Saturday) Casino Autumn Orchid Show

More information on:-

02 6663 3162





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