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Day 7 Sunday 6 May 2018

I thought the weather was going to be a bit iffy but as the day progressed it became warmer and warmer although when the sun disappeared behind a cloud it could be a little chilly because there was an intermittent breeze. 

Once again some more photos from previous days. I sincerely thank both Ron Dean and Cliff Hicks who willingly shared their photos with me.

Disc Bowls

Serving the Casseroles


Update on Mickey’s Agent.

Mickey’s agent, the East’s uninvited guest now has a name, “Ratatouille”. and has well and truly outstayed his welcome.  He has been a visitor for 22 days.  It has been decided that he must be a male because he’s quite a pest (Sorry fellas).

Don and Meredith had their car, a Ford Territory, serviced a few days ago and the air filter had to be replaced because it had been chewed through by the intruder.   However, Ratatouille, while being very hungry, is admittedly, a very neat guest.  He always tidies up after dining.   A variety of food (even special sachets designed for creatures such as him) has been placed in several different locations, and he hasn’t left a skerrick behind.  Not a scrap! Not a crumb!  Even when the food is packaged he takes the wrappings with him.  As well as the air filter he’s chewed a champagne cork (perhaps he is partial to a tipple) and foam rubber from somewhere, possibly under the seats.  Meredith and Don are desperately hoping that if Ratatouille does survive, he will move to newer “Territory” so owners of Ford Territories, beware!  Perhaps the persistent guest is hoping to hitch a ride to Yarrawonga? He obviously enjoys the company of A’vanners.


BYO Picnic Lunch

By lunch time we were searching for shade. 

Picnic and Raffle Draw


Raffle Draw

$2500 is being donated to the Cancer Council.  In total there were 66 prizes.  The first ten lucky winners were Alan Grimes, Michael Hayward, Ian Bell (what a birthday present), Audrey Dean, Jane Winkler, Valda Graham, Helen Morley, Don Clough, Shirley Holm (redraw) and Marilyn O’Shea


Farewell Happy Hour

The Mayor of Richmond Valley Council thanked everyone for coming to Casino, wished us a safe journey and hoped that one day we would return to Casino.


An evening of dance with Wilma and the Willi Whirlers

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this activity but I have been assured that everybody had a great time although I believe several people were unable to distinguish their left from their right and others could not even count.  Consequently there was lots of laughter.  What better way to end the gathering than with this joyful event.  Thanks to Ron Dean for the photos.

Square dancing


Goodbye and Thanks

It would seem that Ratatouille was not the only intruder at our gathering.  There was a little green frog in the ladies’ shower block but don’t worry ladies he had his back to the actual shower.  But on the other hand perhaps the ladies were hoping that he would turn into a prince.

Intruder in ladies’ shower recess

I am indebted to Carol Brun, Ron Dean, Cliff Hicks and Bill Sampson for sharing their photographs with me.  My thanks go to Don and Meredith East for providing me with material to capitalise on the mouse story of last year.  And last but not least.  Thank you to our Webmaster, Ron Stootman, for uploading the Blog. 

And yet again another great week comes to an end.  We sincerely thank the Sponsors, the members of the National Committee and the Mid-North Coast Group for their organisation.  We do appreciate your efforts.  It is due to you that we have such a wonderful time.  Safe journey wherever you go! See you in Yarrawonga!

A’vans from the Water Tower – Photo Bill Sampson



The following event may interest A’vanners who after leaving Casino will be in the vicinity of Woodburn.

The Woodburn-Evans Head and District Orchid and Foliage Society is hosting the

Autumn Mother’s Day Orchid Show 12-13 May Woodburn Memorial Hall

More information on merilyn.dude@bigpond.com or Merilyn on 0401 493 316


Many thanks to A’vanner Jenny Spragg for the following information regarding spme more places that may interest you after you leave Casino.    

The Margaret Olley Exhibition is at the Murwillumbah Art Gallery which is approximately 2 hours drive north.  Her Sydney flat and studio have been faithfully reproduced in the Gallery which also has some of the past Archibald Prize paintings.

The gallery has a long window and whilst sitting on a strategically placed couch you have a splendid vista of the Border ranges. 

The Tweed Valley is the remains of Australia’s largest Caldera Volcano and Mt Warning is the remains of its central plug.  (Apparently it was 3 times the height of today).  The Valley has been eroded by three rivers, The Ross, Oxley and Tweed.  There is an 80 km circuit around the valley visiting Chillingham and Tyalgum, the latter having some interesting shops but is also inhabited by a strange sect.   Eungalla UKI is on a different road but is well worth a visit.  (The name originated from the time of the cedar getters who graded the timber with UK1 being the top timbers for export to the United Kingdom).

The valley is full of interesting geological features and volcanic plugs, river gorges and sub-tropical rainforest in areas that have not been used for agriculture, mainly sugar cane.

Tumblegum is also well worth a visit with a good pub and river vistas.

Weekly Markets in the Tweed and Richmond Valleys

True farmers’ markets are held in Lismore Organic Tuesday 7.30 – 11 am, Byron Bay – Thursday 8 – 11 am, Murwillumbah – Wednesday 7.30 – 11 am and Mullumbimby – Friday 7 – 11 am.    




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