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20th AGM

Yarrawonga, Victoria


Day 2 Sunday 24th March 2019

I would be very surprised if anyone was still asleep after 7.30 am because the noise of the corellas and cockatoos as they flew overhead was deafening.  We also awoke to the gentle pitter, patter of rain drops but unfortunately it hardly dampened the sand.  I’m told that when the committee were here last November the sites where we are were lush green.  Now they are mainly sand with just a few tufts of grass here and there.

The process of registration was as usual smooth running.  A marquee which has been erected adjacent to the camp kitchen is a real bonus.  Representatives from the Yarrawonga Tourism Office were surrounded by A’vanners wishing to book for local tours. 

There are 73 First Timers at this gathering and they were welcomed by President Les Lawrenson at a special Happy Hour.   Les introduced the National Committee plus the co-ordinators to the newcomers and elaborated upon the events of the next couple of days.

A “Happy Hour” for all A’vanners followed where once again Les welcomed everybody but there was a mad dash for cover when it started raining again.  This time it was somewhat more forceful than the mild case of precipitation earlier in the day.

In fact, by the time we were heading to Crazy Whist and the Board Games we all armed ourselves with some form of wet weather gear.  I managed to win a furry friend at Crazy Whist.  The prizes inevitably engender lots of laughter and the bowls of lollies are always empty by the end of the night.   Amidst the chatter we somehow manage to play several hands of cards.   

Nonetheless what is a little water amongst friends when the country so desperately needs rain.  Maybe A’vanners will get a reputation as “drought breakers”?   



Photo 1 – Not the Yarrawonga Weir but the A’van Weir (aka “Flying Gerroan”)

Photo 2 - Registration

Photo 3 - Registration

Photo 4 – Past President Cliff Hicks and President Les Lawrenson

Photo 6 – Raffle Prize donated by Bruce Gibbs

Photo 7 – Raffle Tickets anyone?

Photo 8 – First Timers chat with committee member Neil James, his wife Jeni and ACT  co-ordinator Rose Griffiths

Photo 9 – President Les Lawrenson addressing First Timers

Photo 10 – First Timers from Victoria

Photo 11 – Ukulele Players

Photo 12 – Ukulele Players

Photo 13 – Maestro Tom Mckendrick

Photo 14  - Crazy Whist

Photo 15 – Games Evening


A Brief History of Yarrawonga continued

1850    Police camp established in Yarrawonga.  The same year a punt across rhe Murray went into regular service. (1)

1851    Gold discovered in Central Highlands. (1)

1858    Mulwala proclaimed a town. (1)

1860    Land Acts broke up the pastoral runs and allowed closer settlement. (1)

1864    A paddle steamer, the Lady Daley passed Mulwala. (1)

1867    First police station (1)

1868    Village of Yarrawonga was surveyed. 

            It is thought that the name derives from an Aboriginal term meaning “cormorant’s nesting place” or from a combination of yarra and wonga meaning “flowing water” and “pigeon” respectively. (2) 

(1)        https://www.aussietowns.com.au/town/yarrawonga-vic

(2)        https://www.bordermail.com.au/story/66991/Yarrawonga-a-short-history/

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