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Day 6 Thursday 28th March 2019

Just a word of warning.  Some of you may have noticed the police patrolling the park during the week.  I haven’t heard of any A’vanner losing anything but we have been advised that we should be mindful of security.

The weather was considerably warmer during the night and early this morning.  By morning tea we had all dispensed with our jackets. 


Photo 1 - Sunrise


Photo 2 – Water Views


Photo 3 – Sole member of the A’van Loner’s Club

As in previous years there were innumerable energetic A’vanners lined up by 9.30 am to tackle the A’van Walk into town.  I know I should really join the walkers but who would take the photos if I did?  Anyhow, my excuse is that I get my daily exercise going to and from the amenities block.  Furthermore, a trek to the opposite end of the park is like walking to Warrnambool.          


Photo 4 – Congregating for the A’van Walk


Photo 5 – Let’s Go!


Photo 6 – Quick march!


Photo 7 – A’van walkers


Photo 8 – A’van walkers


Photo 9 – A’van walkers

It was like a scene from “Oliver” by midday in the Camp Kitchen with a large number of eager A’vanners waiting to be fed.  The Chef’s Challenge attracted 22 entries and the aromas coming from the kitchen were very enticing.  There was silence as we all watched the judges painstakingly tasting each dish although I don’t think the judges were really “in pain”. 

Once again we are indebted to Bruce Gibbs who has over the years organised and streamlined this event. Paper napkins, plates and cutlery were all supplied so that everyone could sample the fare.  Bruce thanked the participants and judges for their efforts – Entree – Carol Wood and ??? – (please accept my apologies for not knowing your name); Mains – Ruth Bourne and Dave Wilkinson; Dessert – Ros Bolton and Bev Smith.


Winner: Wendy Dimmock (SA) – Vietnamese Pork Nibbles

Runner Up: David Jordan (NSW) - Warm Beef Salad


Winner: Terry Adams (NSW) – Green Thai Chicken

Runner Up: Lyn Rawlings (Vic) – Beef Olives


Winner: Deidre Vanderveer (NSW) – Slow Cooked Sticky Date Pudding

Runner Up: Pat Feenan (NSW) – Rocky Road

I only managed to scrape a little from the inside of the slow cooker when I went to taste the Sticky Date Pudding. It was so popular that I have included a photograph of the recipe.         


Photo 10 – Ros Bolton, Bruce Gibbs (organiser) and Dave Wilkinson at the Chef’s Challenge


Photo 11 – Prizes for the Chef’s Challenge


Photo 12 – Rock Road (Runner Up Dessert)


Photo 13 – Vietnamese Pork Nibbles (Winner Entree)


Photo 14 – Warm Beef Salad (Runner Up Entree)


Photo 15 – Entree Judges


Photo 16 – Dessert Judges


Photo 17 – Winner Entree – Wendy Dimmock


Photo 18 – Winner Mains – Terry Adams


Photo 19 – Winner Dessert – Deidre Vanderveer


Photo 20 – Dessert Recipe


Photo 21 – Waiting to be fed!

What can I say about the craft that I haven’t said in previous years. These people amaze me.  They are so talented. 


Photo 22 - Romeo


Photo 23 - Tilda


Photo 24 – Romeo and Tilda’s creator


Photo 25 – Gill of Benalla – Bobbin Lace


Photo 26 – Bead making class


Photo 27 – Knitters

This is the first year that Trivia has not been held at the same time as Crazy Whist but when I went to put my name down at Registration it was booked out.  I daresay that I’ll be able to report on this activity tomorrow. 


A Brief History of Yarrawonga continued,

1939    Yarrawonga Weir and Lake Mulwala completed as part of the Murray District Irrigation Scheme.

            Construction of the weir began early in 1938 and was completed as part of the Murray District Irrigation Scheme. Lake Mulwala is a man made reservoir and came into being as a result of the building of the weir. (2)

1942    Explosives factory built in Mulwala. (1)

1957    First aquatic festival. (1)

1958    Pine plantation established to supply a local match factory. (1)

Yarrawonga has been a resort town since the early 1960s

1975    The wooden bridge constructed in 1926/7 was partially replaced by an earthen embankment and the remaining section was replaced with a concrete and steel bridge in 1989 (3)

(1)        https://www.aussietowns.com.au/town/yarrawonga-vic

(2)        https://www.bordermail.com.au/story/66991/Yarrawonga-a-short-history/

(3)        https://www.seaaustraliamemories1943-51.weebly.com/unusual-bridge- explained.html


More Photos courtesy of Cliff Hicks


Photo 28 – A’van for sale at the markets


Photo 29 – Self explanatory, really!


Photo 30 – Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!


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