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Day 8 Saturday 30th March 2019

There was steady rain overnight and at 6.30 am it was 9 degrees.  It was rather cold all day.

Over 50 people gathered for the Bike Ride.  Grahame always gives a little spiel before the cyclists take off.  He told the story of his granddaughter who was on the back of his bike.  Every now and again Grahame would turn around and check on her.  This happened on several occasions and each time she would say “Focus”.  When they eventually finished the rides she said to Grahame “Pa, what does focus mean?”


Photo 1 – Grahame Keast (NSW) and Maree Ryan (NSW)


Photo 2 – Bike Riders


Photo 3 – More Bike Riders (Photo courtesy of Cliff Hicks)


Photo 4 – And more Bike Riders


Photo 5 – Left turn here


Photo 6 – But there’s more Bike Riders

Unfortunately the weather didn’t improve by lunch time (Picnic) although the rain was intermittent.  Thank goodness for the marquee.  Not only did it protect us from the rain but it sheltered us from the wind too.  Somewhere it must have been snowing!


Photo 7 – Picnic????!!!!


Photo 8 – President Dave Wilkisnon addressing members at the Picnic

The raffle raised well over $3500 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, an amount which will be boosted to $4000 from Club funds.  All in all, there were 93 prizes.  The first five prize winners were Terry Mullins, Wendy Farmer, David Rial, David Knapp and Ruth Bourne.  As a fellow strode down the front to choose his prize a voice came from the back of the marquee “we don’t need any more tools”!. 


Photo 9 – (Beb) Luck (NSW) by name and lucky prize winner

The marquee was worth every cent that it cost to hire.  It was very chilly at the Farewell Happy Hour and although I didn’t attend the Wine and Cheese Tasting I believe that all the distributors were very happy with the response and sales.


Photo 11 – Wine Tasting


Photo 12 – Wooden tables for Happy Hours


Photo 13 – What should I taste?


Photo 14 – Where’s that mouse?

Once again we are indebted to members of the National Committee who were ably assisted by the Victorians for their superb organisation of yet another fantastic gathering and what a celebration it has been. Twenty years of pleasure and camaraderie!!!!   A highlight of the gathering was the presence of Jeff and Marion Van Baardwyk.  Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to see so much of Australia.  If it wasn’t for the convenience and tow-ability of our vans many of us would never have taken to the road.  And a huge thank you to all the other sponsors especially Club Mulwala and Yarrawonga Holiday Park.    Last but not least our sincere appreciation must go to Joan and Brendon for pursuing their dream of the club and providing us with the opportunity to make so many wonderful friends.

On a personal note I would like to thank Carol Brun, Cliff Hicks, Jan Hodgson and Dave Wilkinson for providing me with extra photos.  And an enormous thank you to Ron who uploads all my ramblings.        

No doubt many of you will “linga longa” in Yarrawonga after the official gathering is over.  If so, enjoy the rest of your stay and to you and everybody else have a safe trip home.  Alice Springs here we come!

Photo 15 – Owen Bruce (NSW) brings the Blog to an End (Photo courtesy of Cliff Hicks)


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